Disposable Cervical biopsy forceps

Haida Medical disposbale cervical biopsy forceps single use disposable instruments with stainless steel eaglebeak-shaped jaw to assure clean, fast and accurate cut, they are widely used for biopsy of the uterine cervix in colposcopy. 

The single use biopsy forceps are gynecological instruments for uterine cervix reduces the dangers of cross contamination.

The single use haidamedical cervical biopsy forceps punch with the new stainless steel metallic head, assures 100% sterility, reducing the dangers of contamination, infections and laboratory misdiagnosis. With a single use biopsy punch, the doctor and the patient are assured of the sample’s quality and accuracy of diagnosis.

The sharp metal biopsy eaglebeak- shaped sharp jaw enable easy tissue grab, clean and swift cut. 
The unique three stop bars in the jaw effectively prevent the tissue slipping.

Disposable Cervical biopsy forceps